Jareth’s Labyrinth



Un laberinto y una cacería juntos. Sólo hasta el juves 26, y aviso: el laberinto es endemoniado y, encima, acabais tal que la menda en la foto de arriba.

Esto para que os hagais una idea..

Éstas son las reglas:

FallnAngel Creations Presents:
Jareth’s Labyrinth!

Jareth has lost his balls… er…. rather.. There are 31 Crystal Balls lost in the Labyrinth 􀀀
You have to solve the Labyrinth and find the Crystal Balls before the time runs out!
Keep your eyes open, there is a lot to see and you don’t want to miss something!
(Set your region default to Midnight for the best effects!)
Anyone cheating will be BANNED -no exceptions!-
-No giving out records and/or landmarks of prize locations; No following landmarks given to you.
-No leading others through the labyrinth if you have already solved it.
-No flying over the walls, or moving through walls.
-No leading others to the prizes.
-No shouting the locations/slurls of prizes.
-No teleporting to various points in the labyrinth, you may however TP back to the front.
-We also discourage panning to find your way through.
-Do not contact us and complain about the labyrinth being difficult.. it is a maze and that is the nature of the beast.
And remember there is nothing I can do about the lag.
-If anyone is caught cheating, the locations of the prizes will be moved. To avoid confusion, please respect our rules 🙂
Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Azriel Demain
FallnAngel Creations

Y éste el landmark

Suerte! Yo voy a seguir buscando bolas 😉



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