Cover the world with flowers

Para los que no lo sepais, se organizó una subasta de las piezas de la desaparecida Ópera de Intempesta Nox…


En el grupo de Tryst recibimos esto de Sue Stonebender hace unos días:

“Baron & I are stunned & deeply grateful for the generosity shown in today’s auction. While there are still bids coming in on the last 48 lights, today’s totals allow us to make a charitable donation of $238,360.50 + Baron’s $70,500 matching donation on the dome, & an addition $3,000 in private donations. This means a total of USD$1,090.87 for the “Gardens of Hope” project feeding AIDs orphans in Lesotho, Africa! You are an incredible, generous group of people & we thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥”

“I am pleased to share the results of the auction on the opera house lights, which will bring in a total of L$68,500. I’m contacting the winners in order of the highest bids now to offer them their choice of numbered lamp(s). The remaining lamps will be offered to Tryst members only in a private sale next week. More news coming.

Your generosity allowed us to buy 20 apple trees, a solar cooker & a room full of school supplies for the AIDs orphans in Lesotho, Africa (pronounced Le-soo-too).

Your bids & donations (which are still coming in!) will also provide Christmas dinner for a large number of people of Lesotho.

Here is a video of some of our SL friends making a recent delivery there:

Thanks to Zeke Poutine for connecting us to the “Gardens of Hope Project”

and thank YOU for giving some very special children an amazing Christmas!

— Sue.”

Grandes todos los que habeis colaborado. Y Sue y Baron un ejemplo para todos, como siempre. Gente como vosotros hace de SL un lugar digno y en el que es un honor estar 😉

Feliz Navidad a vostros también 🙂



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