STEP IT UP! 3 de noviembre

Are you concerned, really concerned, about global warming and the future of our planet earth? Do you want to make a difference but you don’t know how or where to start? Please join us for a day of educational presentations and music and learn how you can become part of Responsible and Innovative Leadership for a Sustainable World.

7am to 6pm PDT.

7am: Leadership for a Sustainable World, with Delia Lake and AlcheMiss Blessed.

8am: The Environmental Mind, with PlanetThoughts Raymaker

9am: Grenelle de L’Environnement, La Vie Verte, with jacmacaire Humby

10am: Sustainable Living, with WilliamThewise Goodman

11am: Energy Saving in Stockholm–How One City Improves Itself, with MuhammedYussif Wikinger (at Etopia)

12 noon: Live Music by Jaynine Scarborough

1pm: Environmental Indicators of Global Warming Change, what we know and what we need to learn, with John Galland

2pm: TBA

2:50pm: Wrap Up and transition to Party!

3pm to 6pm: Live Music and dancing on Commonwealth Island

Your Second Life inworld contact people are Delia Lake and PlanetThoughts Raymaker. or reach them on the web. Delia Lake on Facebook, and

Center for Water Studies

Etopia Eco-Village

Commonwealth Island- 4 Ecosystem Exploration and Education



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