St. Benedict’s Monastery

St. Benedict’s Monastery

Viviendo en la tierra del románico, no pueden menos que encadilarme los monasterios, por eso me he llevado una alegría cuando he encontrado el Monasterio cisterciense de San Benedicto, obra de una de las grandes constructoras de SL. Eva Virgo y propiedad de Francois Jacques quien, según sus propias palabras:

“I teach meditation and prayer in Real Life and in Second Life. I teach a Master’s class on “Contemplation: East and West” in a prominent RL Theological University.

In an attempt to share my passion and committment to contemplation with the residents of SL, I have built St. Benedict’s as a vivid representation of the Western contemplative tradition. I have built the Matsushima Community around the Meditation Temple (135, 150, 22) and the Meditation Hall in Gourdneck (217, 107,132) to reflect the vibrant Eastern contemplative tradition.

I hope that the presence of the Monastery and Temples may provide a sanctuary where Second Life residents may befriend silence and taste the waters from which contemplation flows.”

Why a monastery in Second Life?

Lawrence S. Cunningham, PhD, is often asked this question: “Many people have said to me over the years, isn’t monastic life a waste of life? Wouldn’t it be better if the monks were all out working in the world or among the poor?”

Damien Thompson, OCSO, Abbot of Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey, provides this answer: “Remember the story in the bible about, ‘If I find 50 good men, will you save the town? 40 good men, 10 good men? And God says, yes, for 10 good men.’ That was the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. * And he couldn’t find 10 good men. There is something about that. We need a house of good men, for the sake of the country… not necessarily Gethsemani… for the sake of the world. That’s what living our [Rule of Benedict] is all about.

“My life is useless unless it’s here for other people. I feel that’s what the monastic life is all about — it’s for other people — otherwise it’s selfish. This is the way I feed the poor, it’s the way I clothe the naked. How do I visit the imprisoned?** I do it through my prayer life. There have to be people in the world who are constantly interceding before God on behalf of humankind.”

This is the mission of St. Benedict’s Monastery in Second Life: to gather a group of monks to pray for the well being of the Second Life communityand the world.

Is St. Benedict’s modeled after a RL Monastery?

Eva Virgo, co-proprietor of House of Shaea, was inspired by photographs of the Abbey of Fontenay when building St. Benedict’s. The Abbey of Fontenay is a Cistercian Abbey located in the commune of Montbard, in the département of Côte-d’Or in France.
Abadía cisterciense de Fontenay, Patrimonio de la Humanidad desde 1981

Who are the “Cistercians?” In 1098, a group of monks left the “luxurious” Benedictine order and built the New Monastery of Citeaux and founded the Cistercian Order. The life, and architecture which is intimately related with that life, is less “ornate” than prevailing Benedictine houses. Cistercian architecture has been compared to Shaker furniture.*

The Abbey of Fontenay was founded by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in 1118, only a few years after he left Cîteaux Abbey to found Clairvaux Abbey. Located in a small forested valley 60 kilometres northwest of Dijon, it achieved great prosperity in the 12th and 13th centuries.

El monasterio consta de 12 partes:

El embarcadero de llegada

Donde me he encontrado con estos maravillosos gatos obra de Starax Statosky:

(sí, con éste me he emocionado XD)

El edificio central

Dentro de él, el claustro:

Las celdas:

Y la Sala Capitular:

Si seguimos ascendiendo llegamos a la primera de las dos rotondas de meditación. Ésta es la segunda

Y, arriba de todo, la capilla, una verdadera obra maestra

.. el Cristo…

Junto a la capilla, la torre del campanario

Y, abajo, el cementerio

Por cierto, que de bajada me he fijado en esto..




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